Vintage Fluff Rugs

I was going through all my knitting books & found this nice vintage booklet on Fluff Rugs. It’s from the Lily Mills Company, Book 600. I have no idea how to make these but I might try it one day. If anyone is interested in these type of rugs I downloaded the book in a PDF file. Here are some of the rugs featured in the book.

rugs blog 1

rugs blog 2

rugs blog

Vintage Fluff Rugs Pattern Lily Mills Book 600

The rugs look really nice & it’s a great book for anyone who has experience making them! Click on the picture below for the PDF file:

rugs 1

Household Twine & Crochet Basket

So I never thought of looking at Home Depot for crochet materials. It just never occurred to me to look there for twine. Well my co-worker who also is an amazing crocheter found some household twine there & made a purse with it! It’s made of cotton & polyester so it’s really soft & not rough like your traditional twine. I went out & bought some rolls & crocheted a basket with a pattern I have been working on.Β  I love how easy it is to work with & it’s really sturdy. I imagine it would be great for rugs, bags & other cotton projects. For my basket I held 2 strands together & it was perfect for me. Here is a pic of the twine:


It’s $2.57 a roll & for that particular brand this is the only color. But they have a bunch of other ropes & twine that I am going to try out too.

This is the basket/planter I made with it:

basket 1

Just click on the picture for a PDF file of the pattern.

Is anyone wondering what type of plant that is???? Well that is my very high maintenance Gardenia I bought in FL last year.Β  I only got 1 flower from it which smelled amazing & looks like it may be my only flower. I am just happy it’s still alive. πŸ™‚


Crochet Summer Patterns – So Pretty!!

I just found these 2 awesome vintage patterns & I just had to share them with everyone! They look a little complicated. When I have time I am going to try tackling one of them. By the looks of the pattern it will probably be finished next summer! πŸ™‚

The first one is a dress:

white gown cover pic White Gown Vintage Pattern

How pretty is that!

The next one is a filet crochet pattern:

filet crochet smock Filet Crochet Smock Vintage Pattern

Too bad I just found them now. I would’ve loved it for this summer. If anyone makes one I would love to hear about it & see the finished product!! Just click on each picture for a PDF pattern πŸ™‚ Enjoy!!

Cool Twill Stitch

I wanted to share with everyone this twill stitch I just discovered.Β  Some of you may know it but I never saw it knitted this way. It took me a while to figure it out but once you get the hang of the pattern it knits up fast. I want to make a really long skinny scarf so I only casted on 30 stitches. I am nowhere near finishing it but I will show you the work in progress. Here it is:


The pattern consists of only 2 rows! Here it is:

CO any even number of stitches.

Row 1: K2, *inserting right hand needle from back to frontΒ  between the first 2 stitches on left hand needle, K the 2nd st, then K the first skipped stitch, drop both sts from left handed needle; repeat from * to within 2 sts of end of row, K these 2 sts plain.

Row 2: P1, *skip 1 st, P the following st, P the skipped st and slip both sts from the left needle; repeat from * to last st, P1.

The problem I ran into was the first row. For some reason after I knitted the 2nd then the 1st skipped stitch I ended up with 3 sts instead of 2 on my needle. I then realized after you knit the 2nd stitch you have to maneuver the needle under &Β  around the 1st skipped st to get to the front to knit it. I hope I am not confusing anyone & if you have any questions just ask πŸ™‚ Also you have to knit loosely or you will struggle & kill your hands trying to knit.Β  Other than that it is super easy & makes such a nice textured pattern.Β  Eventually I want to make a blanket with some super bulky yarn & I will definitely post that once I start it!

Crochet Weekend

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a great holiday πŸ™‚ This weekend I decided to switch over & crochet for a change. I am not experienced when it comes to crochet but I do enjoy it. I tried out this new stitch & fell in love with it. It would be nice as a blanket or scarf but I needed a new bath mat so I tried to make a pattern for that. I can’t believe how soft & plush it came out. I originally used a plain yarn but then I wanted it more plush so I used a super bulky yarn (Bernat Blanket). It was a little harder to work with but I love how it came out. Here is a close up pic of the 1st one:

bath mat 5

Then I opted for this one:


Close up:

mat 5

It’s really thick & feels great on my feet πŸ™‚ I didn’t use a non-slip pad underneath but it might not be a bad idea. Check out the pattern on my free crochet patterns tab.

Beautiful Cowl Scarf

I have an obsession with knitting cowls! I find them so pretty & it can make any outfit look good. I design some of my own but sometimes I find one so beautiful I can’t stop myself from making it. I can’tΒ  even count how many I have πŸ™‚Β  I just finished this one & it is one of my favorites so far. I wore it out today & got TONS of compliments. Of course when I told them I made it guess what happened………yes everyone wanted me to make them one. That definitely won’t happen but my amazing mom will get one for sure this Christmas!! Here is a picture:

Honey Cowl

The pattern is listed inΒ  Ravelry & it was designed by Antonia Shankland. The name is Honey Cowl. For the yarn I used Naturally Caron Country in Spruce. I love how it came out & it’s really warm. Thank you for posting this amazing free pattern! Here is the link:

Comfy Slippers

I wanted to show everyone these quick & super easy slippers I just made. It only took me the afternoon to make & I think I want to make 20 more! I used some bulky yarn I had left over & the thickness of the yarn makes them so comfy. I think I may sleep with them too!! πŸ™‚ Here is a picture & I added the pattern in my free patterns tab. Enjoy!


Beautiful Fall Weather

It’s been so beautiful here in NY for the last couple of days! It does get chilly at night so I always wear my gloves. I just made a new pair this weekend & it was inspired by an ad I saw in a magazine. This one:

gloves ad

If I had to say what “my style” is this would be it (minus the bicycle!) I love everything about this ad. What really caught my eye were the gloves (& the bag…wish I could knit that!).Β  I think I came close with my pattern & I listed it in my free patterns tab. Take a look & let me know what you think.


I decided on a brownish color because I have so many grey ones. I used Lion Brand Heartland & I think they have a pretty grey color too. I knitted them on straight needles & then sewed up the seam. They are so easy & fast to make.

My 1st post!

So this is my very first post & I am really excited!! I started this website so I can share my love of knitting & I would love to meet some fellow knitters. I want to make it enjoyable for knitters of all experiences. If you are a beginner & have questions I would be happy to help πŸ™‚ And if you are a pro I would love to learn new things.Β  I will be posting some free vintage patterns in the next coming days on my free patterns tab. I am also working on some new patterns designed by me & my finished ones are for sale in my Etsy store. It’s starting to get cold in NY so I will be knitting like crazy. I would love to see any pics of finished projects made from my patterns!

knitting and patterns

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