Crochet Cluster Coasters

Happy spring everybody!! Unfortunately we got ANOTHER snow storm on the first day of spring. I was so happy that all the snow finally melted last week and then here it came again. To say I am sick of this winter is putting it mildly. I guess I can’t complain after hearing what kind of winter Boston had. My heart goes out to all the people up there! Hopefully winter is gone & here comes spring. My favorite season! I am so excited to get my balcony all pretty with flowers, plants & decor. I wanted to make some coasters for outside that would not break if dropped & would soak up the condensation of the glasses. I love coasters but when it’s hot outside the glasses just slide around on the ceramic ones I have. I decided to crochet some I could use on my balcony. I used some leftover yarn I had & I thought the color was very vibrant & pretty for the summer. Here is how they came out:

coasters 3

Up close:

coasters 9

You can click on either picture for the crochet pattern which I converted to a PDF file. They are fairly easy to make & you can make a ton of them quickly!