EASY Scarf Patterns – Crochet & Knit

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I just went back to school after so many years. With my full time job & studying my life has been a little hectic! Anyone who has a crazy schedule & doesn’t have much time to make anything will definitely LOVE these 2 patterns I came up with. They are so easy & super quick to make. Let’s start with the crochet scarf. As I mentioned before I am more of a knitter. I love to crochet but definitely less experienced. So one day I meant to double crochet a st & I added an extra step by accident. I actually loved how it came out so I made this scarf with the “mistake dc”. I think it makes the st a little taller & different. Mabye it has a name but I couldn’t find it. If anyone knows what st this is please do tell. But for now I am calling it the “special dc”. LOL  Here it is:

Free and Easy Crochet Scarf PatternClick on the picture for pattern

Now for the knitted scarf. Another fast scarf to make & there are no “mistake sts” 🙂 Just your everyday knit & purl!

lacey scarf 1 resizeClick on the picture for pattern

I really hope everyone enjoys them! 🙂