Dropped Stitch Shawl

HAPPY 2016!!! I wanted to share my latest pattern that became a hit during the holidays. I originally came up with it because it has been weirdly warm here in NY and I wanted a shawl to accessorize my outfit for the holidays. It made it up in the 70’s Christmas eve day! CRAZY! So I made this shawl in a couple of days & wasn’t expecting anyone even to notice. EVERY single person complimented me on it! Here are some pics:

Free Drop Stitch Shawl Knitting Pattern

drop stitch shawl knitting pattern 2 drop 20

It’s an easy dropped knit stitch made into a triangular shawl. I may even wear it on chilly days because believe it or not it keeps me warm. This pattern is FREE 🙂 Just click on the first picture for a PDF pattern.