Household Twine & Crochet Basket

So I never thought of looking at Home Depot for crochet materials. It just never occurred to me to look there for twine. Well my co-worker who also is an amazing crocheter found some household twine there & made a purse with it! It’s made of cotton & polyester so it’s really soft & not rough like your traditional twine. I went out & bought some rolls & crocheted a basket with a pattern I have been working on.  I love how easy it is to work with & it’s really sturdy. I imagine it would be great for rugs, bags & other cotton projects. For my basket I held 2 strands together & it was perfect for me. Here is a pic of the twine:


It’s $2.57 a roll & for that particular brand this is the only color. But they have a bunch of other ropes & twine that I am going to try out too.

This is the basket/planter I made with it:

basket 1

Just click on the picture for a PDF file of the pattern.

Is anyone wondering what type of plant that is???? Well that is my very high maintenance Gardenia I bought in FL last year.  I only got 1 flower from it which smelled amazing & looks like it may be my only flower. I am just happy it’s still alive. 🙂


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